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Why it is Important to Teach your Child about Gun Safety

It does not matter if you house a gun or not. It is very important that you teach your child what a gun is and what he safety features are. For many years I would not allow my dad to show his guns to my children. I was raised on guns but for some reason I could not unlock my brain to letting them be around my kids. I remember them sitting any and everywhere and my house as a child and could not imagine my children being anywhere near them. I no longer carried my own weapon for protection after my first child was born nor would I allow my husband to have his. My thoughts were simply that if the guns were not around then my children were not in danger of them.

It never occurred to me that I was not in danger as a child because I new not to touch them. I was never tempted to touch them when my parents weren’t looking because my dad made sure I was not curious. He allowed time for me to shoot them and learn about the dangers of a gun first hand. My parents were more than firm on the fact hat guns do kill and should never be view as a toy in any way. I always knew where they were at so that I was never in danger of stumbling upon I was not aware of. I knew how to load and unload them because my dad thought it was important to teach me more than just target practice.

The issues I had with my own kids was not a fear of them using a gun but a much deeper fear. I did not want them to even know what a gun was. I guess I felt that if they did no know that guns existed then they would some how be safe from all the harm gun could cause. It was only when my husband and I divorced. I had two small children to protect by myself and then I began to look at the issue in a brand new light. It was very important that I have a firearm in my home for protection when it was just me and my kids. It was not easy but I put on my big girl pants and let them in on the knowledge of guns. I still haven’t let them fire it but I have allowed them to be educated by their Dad, my Dad, and the professionals at the gun shop.

I am waiting for them to get a little stronger in th arms before I let them shoot a gun. Now I understand that is so very important to teach your children gun safety. Even if you do not house one, one of their friends may very well have a gun in the house and if your child comes in contact with that gun you want them armed with knowledge and caution instead of curiosity and ignorance.